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Fun and Easy Halloween Keepsake Crafts

Looking for something fun to do with your little one/s on the weekend? I've gathered just a couple really adorable crafts that you'll definitely want to keep forever...or better yet, make a yearly tradition!

This Frankenstein handprint craft looks adorable and easy. You can find more details here.

Or if you're feelin' fancy, there's always this handprint/photo keepsake for all of you professional crafters! Find more details here.

This trick or treat footprint craft is too cute. Too bad I couldn't find the origin of this craft to give you more details, but it looks pretty self explanatory right?

And lastly, my favorite of them all! It's a BUM-kin print! Yes, you have to paint your baby's bum to make this super cute craft, but imagine 15 years from'll be wishing that bum was that little again! Just paint the bum! Lol.

Well, this rounds up my Halloween Keepsake craft favorites. I hope you have a blast doing one (or all) of them! Make sure to take a picture and post it on our facebook! I would love to see everyone's crafts!

Happy crafting!