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The Ultimate Summer Essentials Guide

A guide to field trip essentials.

Ahhh. Sweet summer time. We are counting down the days. Until the temperatures reach 100 degrees and then we are instantly wishing for those cooler mornings to I right?

Summer field trips are exciting to say the least. Trips on the bus with good friends. Anything involving water is an instant fav. Adventures to places that some kids have never been to or if they have, it's totally exhilarating to experience those places with all of their friends!

At school activities are a nice switch from the activities enjoyed during the school year. Ice cream straight off of the ice cream truck. Arts and crafts to be proudly displayed. Special lunches. The list goes on and on.

When you get your monthly calendar, it will list the activity for each day, the items needed to be brought, the items needed to be worn, and the time needed to have your sweetie dropped off at school by.

This could potentially be overwhelming for different judgement here. Maybe you have a very demanding job, multiple kids in multiple classes, maybe you're forgetful or maybe you're just tired. You're a excuses needed. If you lose your monthly calendar, you can print one off here or simply visit the front office and we will give you a copy. The best place to put these is on your refrigerator door so you can look at it every day.

Some things you can go ahead and get, if you don't already have them, are:

A bathing suit. Nothing fancy. Just a suit that fits properly.

A towel. Again, nothing fancy...unless you're like me and you have to get your kids' names on everything lol.

A bag. Big enough to house their change of clothes and towel that will be needed per every "bathing suit" field trip or activity. Water proof, or lined, or whatever you'd like it to be as long as you're ok with it getting wet because that is where we will place wet items to return home.

A swim diaper. For children who are not potty trained.

Sunblock. And any other sun blocking items your child may need i.e. a hat, chapstick, rash guard tee, etc.

Sandals. Please, socks and sneakers worn for water activities. They can be packed for a change of clothes though.

Optional items:

A lunchbox. While this is an optional item (because you are certainly more than welcome to put your child's lunch in a brown paper bag, grocery bag, etc.) it is highly suggested. We do lunches at the park and we actually have encountered experiences with pesky squirrels getting into our lunches while we were playing. A lunchbox with an icepack is optimal.

A refillable water bottle. This is mostly for the older kids in the gym. They can refill it as they please throughout the day at the water fountain.

An extra PSA t-shirt. A t-shirt is included in your summer fee, and will be passed out some time before field trips begin. However, if you are like myself, and shamefully my kids have so much clothes, that I might not get to the laundry before the next field trip and then I'm scrounging the night before to wash the shirt. You could just purchase an extra one here or sometimes Mrs. Karen has them in her office.

I'm sure i'm leaving something out. I'm forgetful. I'm a parent, remember? Lol.

However, if you think of something and you want to ask about it, please do. Give us a call, ask your child's teacher, or catch somebody up front. The only bad question is the one you didn't ask!

Oh and, you're welcome for getting Will Smith's "Summatime" song in your head. Thumbs up