Full Time $200 Part Time $180

In these classes, children are nurtured, loved, and showered with attention. They are provided age appropriate toys and areas of play to encourage them and help them meet every milestone along the way. Their needs, at this age, are met individually and they are given the opportunity to grow and thrive at their own pace. They will grow their immune system, and begin developing their social skills. They will gain confidence and learn to trust other adults beyond the scope of just their parents. So many awesome developments will begin at this age. It's exciting to watch!


Two Year Olds/ Young Three Year Olds

Full Time $190 Part Time $170

These guys are on the move, as any parent of a two year old knows. The skills and concepts that they develop at this age are specifically designed to be learned through movement and play. A two year old's attention span is minimal, at best, so any structured learning time is scattered throughout the day in spurts of 2-5 min. They will gain so much using this approach. Their vocabulary will explode. Their sense of independence will grow, as frustrating as that can be at times. They will learn necessary life skills to carry them throughout their preschool years. Sharing, appropriate play, conflict resolution, consideration, trust, confidence in themselves and others...just to name a few. What a great age! You'll have to excuse the mess though, they're learning!

Nursery School

3-K and 4-K

Full Time $180 Part Time $160

These classes are specifically designed to get children ready for Kindergarten. While all of our classes follow a curriculum, the curriculum in our 3-K and 4-K classes will give each child the tools to not only succeed in Kindergarten, but excel. Given the foundation that has been built in the previous classes, these classes can focus on more advanced concepts like phonemic awareness, writing and prewriting, and early arithmetic just to name a few.


Afterschool Program

Afternoon School Pick up $75

We pick up from Springfield Elementary, Drayton Hall, Oakland, Orange Grove, Ashley River, St. Andrews Math and Science, and Carolina Voyager school. This program keeps relatively low numbers for optimum supervision by our highly experienced staff. They are housed in our PSA gymnasium, which has plenty of room for free play with balls, scooters, jump ropes, etc. There are traditional center toys like blocks, puzzles, games, arts & crafts and many more! There is a separate and quiet homework room where desks line the walls so they can concentrate completely. Weekly STEM challenges, art projects, and fun group games!

School Bus & Children

Soccer Shots

Fun and Challenging

This class is once weekly. The soccer coach comes to PSA and teaches our soccer stars starting at age 2. This class is an extra fee paid for each session (10 weeks in a session) to Soccer Shots. They have a weekly curriculum that you receive via email. It is complete with an end of session reward and an amazing soccer foundation.


Dance Express

An Exceptional Learning Experience

This class is once weekly. The dance teacher comes to PSA and teaches our dancers starting at age 3 or almost 3. This class is an extra fee paid monthly to Dance Express. It is complete with a dance recital held at West Ashley High School's Theatre that is the cutest thing you will ever see!

Young Ballerinas